AirGestures is the new way to interact with your computer effortlessly, without even needing to touch it.

It’s perfect:

  • for elderly computer users with limited fine motor control.
  • when cooking, to scroll the recipe.
  • when lecturing, to keep chalk off their laptops.

In future it could be further expanded into areas such as driving, where drawing the eye away from the road to use digital instruments can be dangerous, so gestures would be perfect.

Getting Started

Using AirGestures is as simple as installing the app on your Mac and your iPhone, and then connecting them by USB cable. The app icon on Mac will then turn from grey to black, to show it has connected. You can now open a webpage, book or presentation, and then use gestures over your phone to control it.


Our technology

AirGestures makes use of Microsoft’s Custom Vision library to identify hand shapes and understand your gestures. These are then fed back to the Mac with Kiran Kunigiri’s wrapper for the PeerTalk library.

App icon: Hand by Jakob Vogel from the Noun Project (CC-BY).

Our team

Team Limoncello is a group of four Computer Science students from the University of Bristol: